Best Hoverboard for Kids Under 200 Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

The best hoverboard for kids under 200 can save your budget and also fulfill your kids’ dream. So if you just have a small amount of money, you can buy an outstanding hoverboard under 200 dollars. Yes! You read right, and it is possible at that low price. We guarantee you that are hoverboards in our review list will be safe, durable, and of high-quality.

So stick to our article and get to know a lot more about the best hoverboard for kids under 200. Here we have shortlisted six best hoverboards under 200 dolallar budget that will make our decision easier. And for your ease, we have a buying guide that will tell you which features are essential to buy a hoverboard.

Other than that, these hoverboards are pocket-friendly as well as having the latest surprising features. Also, your kid will love riding it.

Let’s have a look at our best hoverboards for kids of low prices.

Best hoverboard for kids 2020 List

hoverboards for kids
under 200
Gyroor swift hoverboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Vevelinehoverboard UL2272⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Flying ant hoverboard 6.5 two wheel self-balancing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Xprit hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hoverstarhoverboard Certified HS2.0 Flash Wheel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Gyroor Swift Hoverboard

Gyroor swift hoverboard has the best hoverboard for kids under 200 wheels that are only 6.5 inches in size, but they additionally provide an acceptable level of riding experience. Because, of the specifically manufactured tire treads.

Gyroor hoverboards are one of the best hoverboard for kids under 200 that have two motors of 300 watts. Due Gyroor Swift Hoverboardto the powerful motor, it gives a maximum speed of 10 MPH. As well as, it has a range between 4-7.5miles depending on the weight of the rider.

However, this hoverboard is perfect for the kids who have a craze for riding a hoverboard. So it will save you money and fulfill your kid’s dream. Other than that, gyroor T581 is constructed with a metal and aluminum body. The construction of this hoverboard is extremely comfortable and sustains the weight of 44-220 pounds.

Moreover, gyroor tires have a special feature that has SUV tread design, which gives an increased grip on all sorts of traveling surfaces. For example, bumpy roads, grass, gravel, and other hard surfaces. Plus, it ensures a large contact area between the surface and enhances the level of traction. Gyroorhoverboard tires have better traction as compared to the other general hoverboard tires.

And that’s not all, and there are two controllable modes. The modes of this hoverboard are easy to learn, so all the children and adults can learn it easily. Also, it has advanced self-balancing technology. On top of that, it has an advantage of the app-connectivity that allows you to change the speed. Plus, you can switch between different modes and LED colors with it.

Besides that, it has a Bluetooth speaker for all the music lovers. Gyroorhoverboard is very useful if you are a multi-tasker. Also, you can enjoy sightseeing while balancing the hoverboard at the same time. For other gyroor model visit

Other Key Feature’s

You can get an ample amount of safety certifications from UL2272 and UL2271. With that, it has other certifications such as CE, Rohs, and FCC. These certifications make’ this hoverboard completely safe for everyone. Also, it is the safest hoverboards and the best hoverboard for kids under 200 to get.

Furthermore, you will have amazing features under 200 dollars. It is a black hoverboard with lights.

The colorful hoverboard 6.5-ich SUV tires, max speed of 10 MPH, long-range of 4 to 7.5 miles, two different riding modes, weight capacity of 44-220 pounds, and app connectivity as well. So what else are you looking for? Buy this hoverboard for your kids.


  • Meet the safety certifications of UL2272 and UL2271
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-range
  • The maximum speed of 10MPH
  • No cons as such



2. Veveline Hoverboard UL2272

The Vevelinehoverboard company has a wide range of choices for its customers. Besides that, these models may not be too exclusive, but it has a special thing that they give in a single hoverboard. Velvelinehoverboards are available in different colors, including the gold shades and camouflage shades. So your child can pick the

Veveline Hoverboard
Veveline Hoverboard

favorite shade of your own choice. Also, these hoverboards are available with or without Bluetooth.

Further, velvelinehoverboards have a starry star V4, especially because of the exterior of the board. With that, it has a hair-raising color combination with the color of the sky intermingled with thunderbolts. Moreover, while riding this best hoverboard for kids under 200, the rider gets a feeling like he is flying through the clouds.

Other than that, this hoverboard has different speed levels. And a power of dual 300 watts motor. Plus, it has a 6.5inch rubber tires to give an enjoyable experience which is characterized by a maximum speed of 7.5 MPH, and it has a decent range of 7 miles as well.

Besides that, the vacuum tires allow a steady and smooth journey with velveline. Also, this veleline scooter has an intelligent learning self-balancing technology. So your kid can easily master and ride this hoverboard.

Moreover, it is safe in execution and becomes active as soon as the feet embarks on the footpad. So if you need a best hoverboard for kids under 200 with the best features, it is for you!

Other than that, this board can sustain weight up to 260lbs. Due to its weight capacity, this hoverboard is suitable for adults as well as for the kids. But it’s more a kid thing due to LED flash attractive lighting. This board has a disco bar. Also, there is a red line of LEDs on the fenders and headlights at the side.

Other Key Features of Velveline

The battery level of velveline can be viewed easily via an LED indicator, as well as it has non-slippery footpads. Further, it has Bluetooth speakers to enhance the utility of the hoverboard. We undertake that you will have a great experience with it and definitely enjoy riding it more. It is the best hoverboard brand.

Velveline is backed up by UL2272 certification that has managed to pass several electrical safety tests. It has a real hoverboard with Bluetooth.

This company ensures that customers are safe while riding it. And we found no electrical hazards review of this hoverboard. Also, this hoverboard that costs 200 dollars is an impressively affordable model as a whole.

Plus, the speed of this hoverboard is 7MPH and a range of 7 miles. Lastly, velveline comes with a Bluetooth speaker so that the rider can enjoy music as well.

  • Dual 300-watts motor
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Weight range of 260lbs
  • LED lights and 6.5 inches rubber tires
  • Maximum speed is less than other hoverboards



3. Flying Ant Hoverboard 6.5 Two Wheel Self-Balancing

Flying ant hoverboard is the best hoverboard for kids under 200. So if your kid loves the flashy colors and vibrant designs. It is perfect for gifting your kid if he always chooses a toy that is dazzling to the eye. This hoverboard is specifically made for the kids who have a color obsession. Other than that, it is a cheap model but a favorite hoverboard model of many buyers.

Ant flying hoverboard under 200 dollars has an impressive look and futuristic LEDs on the wheels, front, top,

Flying Ant Hoverboard 6.5 Two Wheel Self-Balancing
Flying Ant Hoverboard 6.5 Two Wheel Self-Balancing

and rear of the unit that makes it a gleamy ride to show-off in front of your friends.

Moreover, it has a light indicator that the battery is charging. Plus, it is available in a wide range of colors. For example, baby pink, starry sky, and graffiti for your kids to choose as per their choice.

And that’s not all, it has a great design and owes a high-power lithium-ion battery. It is one of the best hoverboards for kids under 200 because of a dual 300 watts motor that has a maximum speed of 12Km per hour. Don’t forget, and this hoverboard has a long-range of 12 to 15 kilometers easily. However, the battery charging time is standard 2 to 3 hours.

It has a high traction ability of 6.5 inches. Here’s why – a powerful motor and wheels claim to climb for 15 degrees. And Ant hoverboard is intellectually incorporated with amazing self-balancing technology. So your kid can ride it easily by the art of stabilizing your balance.

Other Key Feature’s

Additionally, this board has non-slip foot pads that make it easy to handle. Plus, steering is even more convenient. Furthermore, ant flying is a cool best hoverboard for kids under 200 that comes with a Bluetooth speaker. The speakers can connect to any portable device to play music while you are riding.

Ant flying hoverboard’s less than 200 meets the safety standards of UL2272 tests. Also, it meets other electrical safety procedures.

It is one of the best hoverboards in flashy colors that has a dual 300-watt motor and a maximum speed of 12km per hour. We recommend buying this Bluetooth hoverboard under 200 dollars, for having an incredible experience.

Lastly, an Ant flying hoverboard is the best option to invest due to its fantastic built-in features and design. It is the best all-terrain hoverboard.

  • Long-range of 12 to 15 km
  • 5-inch wheels
  • Bluetooth speakers and flashy colors
  • Dual 300-watt motor
  • No shock absorption feature



4. XPRIT hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

The XPRIT hoverboard/Bluetooth speaker is a cheap hoverboard under 200. And you know what? It charges relatively quickly than other best hoverboard for kids under 200. So you just need to wait for 2 hours while you are ready to ride it. Plus, XPRIT doesn’t carry the most of the load. This hoverboard is specifically for kids. And the weight capacity of this hoverboard is 165 pounds.

Furthermore, all other hoverboards for 200 won’t give you these features that XPRIT offers. It has the powerful

XPRIT hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker
XPRIT hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

LEDs that turn on the side of its wheels. Also, the lights aren’t just lightweight, but the footboard is lightweight as well.

Besides that, this XPRIT hoverboard for 200 has a stylish design. And this Bluetooth hoverboard under 200 is best if your child loves listening to music. So he can listen to favorite music while riding it.

Moreover, the footpad of this hoverboard is noticeably large, and it is great if you are an adult. XPRIT is a safe hoverboard because it provides more space to the feet. Also, it prevents slipping, and you won’t fall while riding it. Other than that, this hoverboard has a durable pattern of hardened rubber.

Also, you can expect the hoverboard to be with you for a long time. It is one of the most durable hoverboards in our review. XPRIT offers many other colors for you to choose from; each of the hoverboards is quite vibrant and safe.

Don’t worry, and this hoverboard has UL2272 certification. In other terms, you can go fast up to 6.5mph. You just need to practice on this hoverboard because it doesn’t offer the auto-balancing feature. Make sure that you try it on the smooth and indoor surface, so if you fall, you may not have a severe injury.

Other Key Features

The only flaw of the XPRIT hoverboard is that it doesn’t have the auto-balancing feature, so we don’t recommend this board to the beginners. Additionally, it has many other beneficial features. Likewise, XPRIT offers 6 MPH maximum speed, which lasts about 50 to 70 minutes.

Best of all, this hoverboard is a quick and easy hoverboard for learning. And it has the UL2272 safety and electric certifications as well. And the quick charging feature will not make you wait for a long time to ride it. XPRIT is the best value hoverboard.

Lastly, good hoverboards offer well-protection to the feet by the non-slippery footpad, though it holds 165lbs weight only. We guarantee that this hoverboard will give it’s best for you. So investing in this best hoverboard for kids under 200 will never make your regret. It is the least expensive hoverboard. All these features make it the best hoverboard under 200 catagory.


  • Bluetooth speaker and anti-slip footboard
  • Available in many other colors as well
  • Quick charging in 2 hours only
  • No auto-balancing feature



5. Hoverstar Hoverboard Certified HS2.0 Flash Wheel

Hoverstarhoverboard is one of the best hoverboards under 150 dollars. It is the perfect and best rated hoverboard for ten-year-old, due to its durability. Moreover, hoverstar has a chrome cyber-truck style that has a fantastic look. Also, hoverstar meets the safety certification of UL2272. So if you are looking for a best hoverboard for kids under 200 dollars that is stable and has the best features, then this is for you! This hoverboard is not only for kids, as it holds the capacity to carry the weight of adults as well.

Furthermore, this hoverboard comes with other skins as well. Hoverstar has the most durable material, so if it falls, this hoverboard 150 will not crack. Also, it will last for a long time.

Consequently, this hoverboard has the sturdy capacity to hold 165lbs, and it is an impeccable speed controller by the rider. Hoverstar has 2 LED lights and flash wheels as well. The wheels of this hoverboard have desirable front

Hoverstar Hoverboard Certified HS2.0 Flash Wheel
Hoverstar Hoverboard Certified HS2.0 Flash Wheel

LED-lights that have a 24 volt/ 4A battery. These powerful batteries can hit a maximum speed of up to 10 MPH, and the range is over 10 miles.

And that not all, hoverstarhoverboard under 150 comes with accessories as well. The accessories of this hoverboard are a charger and a manual for reference. The manual of this hoverboard prices on amazon will tell you in detail how to read it carefully and easily.  Its one of the best with affordable We guarantee that this hoverboard will be fun for all the riders.

Other Key Features

This hoverboard of hoverstar is a self-balancing board under 200. Hoverstar is a U.S.A based company that makes that highest quality boards. And the manufacturing of the boards is by Chinese engineers to last long!

As well, this hoverboard has a motor of 200 watts, and the charging time is 2 to 3 hours. The maximum load that this hoverboard under 150 holds is 100 kgs.

At last, the hoverstarhoverboard is perfect for adults and children that need an affordable board.

  • Quick charging
  • 200-watt motor
  • Holds 100-kgs weight
  • Suitable for adults and kids as well
  • Affordable hoverboard under 150
  • Foot-pad is not large


6.Spadger Hoverboard

Spadgerhoverboard has a 9MPH speed, and it is considerably fast than many of the standard hoverboards under 150.  Also, it has safety gear and an extra-secure grip for the rider. Plus, spadger has a 300-watt motor. Spadger is the best hoverboard for kids under 200.

The fast speed of this hoverboard will make your experience more memorable. Besides that, it will help you go

Spadger Hoverboard
Spadger Hoverboard

smoothly through the toughest terrains. And you know what? This hoverboard is durable enough to last for a long time. Spadgerhoverboard under 150 has 6.5 inches’ rubber tires.

Moreover, this self-balancing hoverboard is a stylish, pinky rainbow hoverboard. Plus, it will attract your kids a lot. Also, spadger has an anti-slip footpad that secures your feet, and there are fewer chances of falling off. Due to an anti-slip foot pad, you will not have any injury.

That’s not all, and the wheels come with green indentures that pop against the bright LED lights. And the spadger LED lights to rotate as well. This company of hoverboard ensures the safety of the customer. Its hoverboards are tested thoroughly. Hence, spadger has UL2272 certification.

It is a colorful hoverboard that has 36V batteries, which means you can use it for a long time. And you don’t need to wait because of spadger charges quickly. Also, you can play your favorite music while riding on this hoverboard. As it comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker , making it a favourite one amongs hoverboards with bluetooth and lights.

Other Key Features

Spadger is a high-end hoverboard with the best colors. Not just it has cool color but a self-balancing control system to quick learning. And the maximum speed of the hoverboard amazon pink is 9MPH.

One of the best benefits of this hoverboard is that it has shock-absorbing pedals that can travel through mud, grass, and rain as well as in gravel. Spadger is a top-rated hoverboard with maximum speed up to 9 miles per charge of 15KM per hour. And safety comes first, so it has strict electrical safety as well.


  • Large battery and quick charging
  • Anti-slip footpad and great audio experience
  • Tough wheels and self-balancing hoverboard
  • 9 MPH speed
  • Some people complain about connecting to its Bluetooth speakers.


Buying Guide

Here are some of the considerations for the best hoverboard for kids under 200. These factors are essential to know before buying a hoverboard because it will make your investment worth it, and you will have the best product for a long time.


Safety comes first before buying any product. Especially when you have a chance to have an injury. And safety should be your priority, and then comes the quality of the product. But if the hoverboard is not safe, then you are wasting your money. In 2016, as a result of widespread complaints regarding blown-out hoverboards. Several of the boards were sent back to the warehouses for safety testing. Plus, they will be brought back on the market after UL2272 and UL2271 certification.

These certifications ensure that the hoverboard has electronic and electrical safety standards. Also, your model shall be adhering to these standards.

But now all of the hoverboards in the market are proven to be safe. Besides that, you still need to be careful while buying a hoverboard because some of them are still not safe.


The quality of the hoverboard shall be durable; otherwise, it would leave you after a few months of use. But the top-rated hoverboards have ABS plastics, alloys, and aluminum to fabricate the bodies. In our review, we have the best quality hoverboards that have the potential materials of construction you should seek.

Wheels and Material

Wheels! They must be 6.5 inches large because smaller than that won’t be sustaining a lot of weight and may not provide the best traction. Especially when you are steering, you need a rubber wheel of 6.5 inches.

Also, the standard size of the wheel should be 6.5 inches, and if you are looking to buy off-road models, then you must consider buying 10-inch wheels. Because large wheels are easy to control and more stable to make the embarkment easier.

Material construction shall be satisfactory. So it is better if you can get tubeless or vacuum tires as this will low the risk of punctures.

Payload Capacity

Different hoverboard brands have different weight sustaining capacity. But it is an essential feature to consider while buying your desired model. Usually, all the hoverboards have a rating of holding 200lbs and 100kgs weight. Hence, if you are heavier, than consider buying another model that holds 260 lbs for more capacity.

Speed, Range, and Charging Time

This factor depends on the model. Some of the top-rated hoverboards hold 9 to 10 or 12 MPH speed and range of 10 to 15 KM per hour, but it is not the fastest speed or range.

Besides, if you are looking for a hoverboard for kids, then the maximum speed should be 6 MPH. And the range should be highest because no one likes to charge it often.

Normally, an acceptable range anywhere is 12-15miles while the charging time should stay between 2 to 3 hours. Standard hoverboard usually takes 2 to 4 hours to charge fully.


So if you need a hover for daily use. You must check that how much the hoverboard weighs before purchasing it. The good weight of the hoverboard is 20 to 30 pounds. Also, for the average adult, it is a pretty manageable load. So, if you are riding for a long time or carrying it over a long distance, you must buy a portable hoverboard. Let me tell you if you are riding for a long time, it might be too bulky.

And Other Features

The standard features are available in all hoverboards, but these are some of the special features that you will find in the latest models. So if you need a hoverboard for the teenager, you must look at these features as well.

So whether you buy pro scooters under 200 dollars or self-balance scooter 200, it includes Bluetooth speaker, learning modes, app-controller, LED lights, hover board colors and hoverboard batteries indicator.

Hence, these features don’t increase the quality of hoverboard, but it surely makes the top rated hoverboards to be more attractive, fun, and convenient to ride.

We hope that our buying guide help’s you to figure out the best hoverboard for kids under 200.



What age is appropriate for kids to ride a hoverboard?

Officially, eight years and up is the appropriate age for the kids to ride a hoverboard. But it depends if your child can balance the hoverboard, so it depends on him/her. Kids just need practice while riding it.

Are Hoverboards safe or not?

Yes, many of the hoverboards on the market have UL2272 certification, which means that they are safe to ride. But if you don’t have to ride a hoverboard before you might fall. The practice is necessary for riding a hoverboard. But the most common injury from hoverboard among children is to their face, because if you are not riding carefully, you may have a bad injury.

Are all the hoverboards Safe 2020?

The hoverboards that have UL2272 certification are safe – like many other products in your home that have a lithium battery. For example, your laptop and smartphones have lithium batteries in them. Also, lithium batteries are no longer a fire hazard, but you should follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines for optimum protection.

Are Hoverboards enjoyable for a ten-year-old?

Yes, they are the best gift for your kid, especially for a 10-year old. And your kid will love the bright colors. Plus, it is easy to use, spontaneity, long-lasting battery, comfortability, and above all, these hoverboards are safe as they don’t catch fire.

What should you consider while buying a hoverboard under 200?

Some of the hoverboards are bit pricey, but they are worth the money, so if you take consider everything before purchasing the hoverboard, it can be your best investment. There are a few notions to consider before buying a hoverboard. For example, a UL certification, types, charging time, speed, range, height, weight, and geography of the hoverboard.


To Conclude

We hope that you found the best hoverboard for kids under 200! And we think it is a great option under 200 dollars – the rest of the decision is up to you. we have tried our best to give best reviews on hoverboards. These are the entry-level hoverboards that will save your money, and you won’t regret spending on these hoverboards. Plus, there are lots of riding, and they are safe as well.

So make your mind and choose any hoverboard and surprise your kid. But if you are still confused, then buy according to our suggestion that are SpadgerHoverboard, Flying Ant Hoverboard, and VevelineHoverboard. These two hoverboards are best of all.  With them, you will get the most of your money while taking safety into account as well. There are several customizable options in them. Also, these hoverboards are lightweight, and you should consider if speed is even your thing.

Here in our hoverboard under 200 reviews, we have the best hoverboards for kids under 200 that are self-balancing, meet UL2272 standards, built-in speaker, LED lights, flash wheel for a safe ride, and much more.




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